The Question Is Answered! We are not alone!
“Execute!” A single voice and a single command setting in motion a vast war machine. One word signaling the destruction of a hundred worlds. The death of trillions. An order that was issued two thousand years ago, yet one that would reach across time and impact 21st Century humanity in a most devastating way. A command that will reset the path of destinies, both for an unsuspecting Earth, and a planet much nearer the galactic core. A world called Mith-Sul-Anroth, or, as the humans who come to know it, Myth! This is the story of events great and small, global and personal. Follow the radiant streams of light from distant and alien suns as they illuminate adventure in the new series, Unknown Country! 
Book 2 of Unknown Country.
In Light From A Distant Star, Vi-t-ry was a catalyst. Dead and cold, he was resurrected by something as unlikely as an asteroid strike. He awakens to a world that’s drastically changed from the one he destroyed two thousand years before. Vi-t-ry is an AI, the heart and soul of a vast warship alone and searching for home. His search is long; and flawed. But ultimately he finds that which he seeks. A far off planet orbiting a distant star that ‘tastes’ like home. Vi-t-ry reaches across space from the planet he orbits to earth in the blink of an eye. His actions are innocent, yet devastating as the international space station and the shuttle Atlantis are inadvertently transported to the planet Sul-Anroth. Then Vi-t-ry was gone, disappearing from Sul-Anroth as if he’d never been and appearing like a flaming sword of god over an unsuspecting and unprepared Earth. Humanity is on the edge and Vi-t-ry may be the catalyst for Armageddon.


Book 3 of Unknown Country.
Humans stranded on an alien planet with no way home and where survival is the question. Struggle and battle confront them, as well as an ages old legend that may come to fulfillment in the embodiment of Astronaut Mac Crowe. Follow as they plunge headlong into more danger than they ever imagined. Hideous aliens want Mac dead and they aren't above holocaust to make that unhappy event occour. But Mac and his alien friends have other ideas and it's sword against sword as they all battle towards destinies they could never have imagined.